Product photography, video production and food photography

Photography and video content for producers, restaurants and e-commerce

The Little kitchen video and product photography style is now up for grabs! We shoot photo and video content along with producing a well-balanced range of visual materials for companies that are well aware of the impact of digital marketing for their brand. Your first and probably last point of contact with your customer on the web will be made through an image or video. So why not make these visuals extra sexy and maximize your chance for a successful sale or catching the eye of a new business partner.

Product photography, video production and culinary content

Food photography and product photography

In The little Kitchen we do product photography and food photography. We specialize in promoting companies in catering, gastronomy and tourism industries, but we are happy to do all the following:

  • Product photography for websites
  • On-site business photography
  • Preparation and photo editing for web designs and social media
  • Promotional photography for print and digital media
  • Event photography

Video production and production of advertising content

Video is by far the best medium for communication, and it has taken the world of social media advertising by storm. Take advantage of the full potential of video content with us with our signature style. In our studio, we offer:

  • Preparation and filming of video recipes
  • Video ads for TV, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • Interview production and filming
  • Filming of short documentaries
  • Filming of promotional video materials for online stores and e-commerce companies
  • Event videography and coverage

Recipe development and food blog copywriting

Need some inspiration for cooking with your featured ingredients? Our culinary enthusiasts will write up a tailor-made recipe where your products can take centre stage on the plate. We offer:

  • Recipes for your key ingredient
  • Recipe testing in multiple variants
  • Preparation of a detailed recipe and cooking procedure
  • Copywriting for food blogs with broader and entertaining explanations of procedures and ingredients with photo and video inserts.

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Our partners and references

Take a look at our work

pečena rebra v omaki s temnim pivom
Wonderful food doesn’t just appear on your plate

We prepared a beautiful set of photos along with a cooking video for our friends and partners from Time For Steak. The photos from this recipe are amongst the best and most striking pieces of visual content we have made so far.

Nothing was left to chance. When tackling product and culinary photography, we take great care to plan our shots and plating, we thoroughly experiment with lighting and make sure that the product or dish is the centre of attention wherever you post it.

Breathtaking videos that your audience will remember

We are big fans of a good story, and we realize that video is the best medium for communication your story. It is also the most effective in terms of marketing and customer acquisition.

Together with us, you can create video masterpieces that breathe life and pesonality into your brand. Check out how we did this for our partners Šunkarna Kodila (Prosciutto producers).

pisanje receptov in rayzvoj receptov mala kuhna
Recipes that your readers will adore

We currently have more than 120 original recipes that (at the moment) bring over 1000 visitors to our site each month.

Take advantage of this opportunity and really get to know the fans of your dishes, products and services. We have quite the way with words and we use this skill to entertain and inform our readers in popular recipes such as our Braised Beef Short Ribs, Sous Vide Sea Bass and Slovene Potato Dumplings – Žlikrofi.

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