Little Kitchen Recipes for the heart and soul


Ribeye steak with nettles and mushrooms for a tasty treat

Ribeye steak with nettles and mushrooms

There is nothing like warm, sunny weather, to gather all the meat lovers around a hot grill with some cold drinks and good company. And this pretty much perfect scenario gets even better in the magical moment, that happens when you throw on a 60 day dry aged ribeye steak. A good piece of meat […]

Steak au poivre

Pepper steak with “gaucho” fries

Pepper is without a doubt one of the most widespread spices in the world. It can be found in countless forms and colours. This time we used it as a main ingredient of our sauce “au poivre”, to accompany a big juicy steak. All peppers are not the same With ever greater culinary diversity on […]

vegan tomato tartare

Tomato Tartare

A light summer dish with fresh tomatoes, to satisfy all tastes. This tomato tartare is going to hit all of those luxurious spots with an extra bit of summery zing that is usually left out in its meaty cousin. This dish is bound to excite those who like the traditional beef tartare as well as […]


The ultimate burger

Every step matters when making the perfect burger You may think putting a burger patty on a sizzling hot pan or grill is the most important step of the quest for the ultimate burger, but it ain’t quite so. An idea is supposed to be man’s greatest tool and if we are talking about recipes, […]

black squid ink tortellini in fish soup

Black tortelini with sea bass soup

Why not some fish soup? Fish soup is one of those dishes, that doesn’t come up on our menus very often. At least not here in Styria, where we are more used to traditional soups such as beef soup. However, I’m confident you will positively surprise even those who prefer something more traditional, if you […]


Tagliatelle with clams

Nothing says summer like a delicious recipe with fruits of the sea Tasty tomatoes, clams, fresh wine and a few other bits and pieces are just what you need for a perfect culinary experience. It doesn’t take much more than picking the right ingredients to impress all the pasta and sea food lovers. But just […]

Fish burgers for summer grilling and outdoor parties

Fish burger with pickled onion, avocado and black eggplant spread

When you combine warm sunny weather, good company and cold drinks, burger ingredients will surely make the top of you shopping list The ingredients don’t always have to be the boring, almost traditional, beef patty, chopped tomato, onions, lettuce, ketchup and mayo. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with this kind of classical […]


Crispy chicken roulade, spinach and fried egg

What do chicken, spinach and eggs have in common? Our Crispy chicken rolls! The other answer is that we can find them in a lot of fitness dieting plans. Unfortunately this kind of dishes can often be boring and bland. How to properly roll your chicken roulade? Take a look! Luckily we can easily solve […]


Crispy salmon with dandelion potato salad

Do I hear spring? Of course!  So today we eat dandelions and fish. What could be better than going for a nice long walk among the warm sun rays and collecting some dandelion leaves along the way, so you can treat yourself to an amazing salad. Let’s see how the Little Kitchen prepared this dandelion […]