beef short ribs with stout beer sauce

Braised beef short ribs in stout beer

This recipe is intended for all dedicated meat lovers – especially the ones that enjoy a rack of succulent and tender braised beef short ribs. This one is for the meat lovers that will go for a piece of meat straight up without thinking about sides or condiments. Yes, the OG meat eaters. And this recipe will not provide any sides. Good ingredients deserve respect and this is why our beef short ribs are the star of the show – front and center. They might appear humble, but the taste is nothing but. The stout beer sauce in which the beef was braised, amped up the umami meaty flavour roughly a billion-trillion fold, to put it humbly.

rebra v pečici z omako

Stout Beer-Braised Beef Short Ribs Video Recipe

This time we focused on the crucial parts of this dish. Beef short ribs are actually pretty straightforward to prepare, if you just give them some time. This means that we need to get our prep done and the majority of the cooking time is for you to wait for greatness in the kitchen while sipping on a glass of your favourite refreshing beverage. Ok, ready to cook?

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Your beef short ribs should be beautifully marbled with fat and of high quality

Not just any cut of meat will do this time. You will need a good quality cut of beef. This is why we went and got the meanest and tastiest dry-aged angus beef short ribs from our great friends at Timeforsteak.

When choosing beef short ribs go for the more marbled cut. The fat will render out during cooking and keep the meat beautifully soft and… moist. Ribs are a tougher part of beef and need a long slow braise that will ensure that all the connective tissue and fat melts into heavenly meat juice. And a big part of that is fat marbling.

And this is exactly what we did. As you can more than obviously see, we have gone for the OPRAH of fatty ribs. They were voluptuous, tender, juicy and they made us drool like Pavlov’s dogs. These ribs will stand up to any steak in straight up flavour.

When roasting high quality short ribs in the oven, keep the seasoning to a minimum

It would be a shame to waste the intense, deep nutty flavour of dry aged beef with a bunch of unnecessary herbs and spices. We went completely basic with some rough sea salt. We nicely rubbed the ribs with salt and then seared them in some oil. Now do not – under any circumstance – get the pan ripping hot. NO!

Use Oil and Butter to create a nice crust on your short ribs

We need to add some butter to get the really great caramelization going on the meat so if the pan is too hot the butter will burn and then hell will freeze over before you ever get rid of any burnt flavour in your sauce. So take your time searing the short ribs.

If you’re not sure if you can get a nice crusty sear on the meat you can use just the oil. Heat the pan to a high heat, add your oil and sear the meat as you normally would. For some extra flavour you can lower the heat and add the butter at the end. Spoon the butter over the meat to get all the sides nice and browned and shiny. Butter is not necessary per-se but it ties in great with the dry aged beefy flavour of the short ribs.

Use the fond on the bottom of the pan as a base for a rich dark beer sauce

omaka s temnim pivom za glazirana rebra

When the meat is nice and seared (more colour on the outside means more flavour), move it to a plate and use the same pan to sauté your mirepoix (mix of onioins, carrots and celery). When it starts to brown use a high quality stout beer to deglaze all of the crispy caramelized bits that have stuck to the bottom of the pan. This will bring a whole new world of flavour to your sauce. It’s worth mentioning that we used a heavy dark stout beer with a strong coffee and chocolate notes. We used a beer called Black Aurora by the Slovene brewery Pelicon.

Damn… that is good stout…

Tim, when he first tried Black Aurora

Your stout beer sauce needs time to mingle in the oven with the ribs

After deglazing the pan bring the mixture up to a boil and simmer for a couple of minutes to cook off the alcohol in the sauce. For an extra oomph of taste we added a piece or two of dark chocolate. Then go ahead and tip the pan into a deeper baking dish and add your ribs. Turn them bone-side down. Then add as much beef stock as you need to cover the ribs 3/4 of the way up.

Braise your short ribs covered – low and slow is the way to go

Firstly, make sure that you do not overfill the baking dish. Short ribs can’t swim. Also, you don’t want to boil your ribs. You need the closed dish to fill up with hot steam and work its magic on top of the ribs. And as weird as that sounds, it is a legitimate mysterious process of deliciousness. Use tin foil or a casserole dish with a cover to trap the steam and heat while you roast in the oven on 302 degrees F or 150 degrees C for three hours. The meat should be fall-apart tender if you give it a cheeky poke with a fork.

When you’re preparing a tough cut of meat such as ribs or a shank you need to go low and slow. The slow braise will gently break down the fat and proteins in the meat and add some moist tenderness with a magnificent rich taste. All in all this is another dish that requires love and a whole lot of patience in combination with good quality ingredients. Only this will bring great results at the finnish line. So wait patiently and be greeted with fork-tender spare ribs. Be careful when moving them as they can break up on you. But as scary as that is, it is also a sign of delicious ribs.

goveja rebra

Finishing your stout beer sauce

All of the left over pan juice and vegetables now head to the strainer to make the sauce nice and smooth. We reduced the sauce in a saucepan until there was almost no water in the sauce left. Just a thick, luscious meat syrup. We adjusted the salt levels a bit and dunked our wonderfully soft short ribs in our shiny and luscious stout beer sauce.

For the final plating move your ribs to a plate and add a couple spoonfulls of that shimmering jet black sauce. No funny business. You have made something beautiful. A meat dish full of deep rich beef flavours that keep bringing the juice with ever bite. The sauce permeated the meat and deepened the flavours of the beef juices as we went about absolutely devouring the ribs. No sides needed.

Ok, fine, you can have a side dish of your liking, if beef short ribs are too much for you 😀

If you find the meat too intense by itself you can relieve your taste buds with a side dish from our selection of recipes. This dish would go great with a range of pureed vegetables, roast potatoes or even pasta. Your options are plentiful but the step is yours to take. Just make sure not to step into our amazing traditional Slovene potato dumplings. #smoothtransition

Or you can just have a slice of bread.

And I’ll be honest with you, we’re used to strong, intense flavours of aged beef, but this dish caught us by surprise. We tunnel-visioned on this piece of meat like predators and we’re damn proud of it. We had a beautiful side dish planned but we threw that plan out the window as soon as we tried a piece of these beef ribs.

We cannot over-state this. THIS RECIPE IS SPECTACULAR! So until next time – go ahead and cook a little.

Beef short ribs braised in stout beer

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Beef short ribs are a classic American recipe. We were completely taken by surprise by this culinary tactical grenade of flavour that sent echoes through our hearts and palates. A great piece of meat combined with a lot of time and a lusciously rich sauce cannot disappoint. So go ahead, try this recipe and be the king or queen of ribs amongst your friends.

Ingredients – braised beef short ribs

  • 700 g Dry aged beef short ribs

  • 2 pinch Rough sea salt

  • 1 pinch Pepper

  • 0.5 l Stout beer

  • 3 tbsp Oil

  • 30 g Butter

  • 2 piece Large onion

  • 1 piece Celery

  • 1 piece Carrot

  • 0,5 l Beef stock – or until almost covered


  • Rub your short ribs with salt and sear them in a buttered pan until nice and browned.
  • Take your ribs out of the pan and use the same pan to sautee the onions, carrots and celery.
  • When your vegetables are lightly golden, add the beer, chocolate and cook off the alcohol.
  • Tip the vegetables and liquid into a casserole dish or baking dish. Add the ribs to the dish and add the beef stock until covered about a finger under the top of the ribs.
  • Cover your baking dish with a lid or aluminium foil and bake in a preheated oven on 150 degrees C or 302 degrees F for 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Sttout Beer Sauce preparation
  • After the ribs are done braising, set them carefully on a plate. Strain the sauce in the pan through a sieve and reduce the sauce until almost ass of the water evaporates and you’re left with a thick rich sauce. Adjust the the taste with salt and pepper and your sauce is ready.
  • Dip the ribs into the sauce and give them a couple turns in the sauce to coat them with the delicious dark sauce.
  • Plate up your short ribs and add a touch more sauce on the plate.
  • Eat the ribs – preferably with no sides and leave the bones. Those are kind of hard.

Video Recipe

Kuharski nasveti

  • Dry aged beef has a completely different taste than regular beef. The meat and fat have a pronounced beefy flavour that needs only salt and maybe a bit of pepper. And all of this goodness gets amplified during cooking.
  • The stout beer sauce needs plenty of time to mellow out and that the flavours of the beer, vegetables and meat combine sufficiently.
  • We have warned you before that our recipes are good. And this time we’re serious. Hold on to some furniture or something because this recipe will make you go weak in the knees.