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mesni ragu recept

Our secret recipe for the perfect lamb ragu sauce

Winter is still lingering around and the post-festive melancholy has pushed us to prepare tagliatelle with ragu sauce, which we consider the ultimate comfort food. Yes, this time we went with a classic italian dish – the famous ragu. And just because we have to stand out in some way, we made it with lamb […]

stuffed zucchini with bulgur salad

Potato stuffed zucchini with bulgur salad

Stuffed zucchini are a kind of vegetarian dish you don’t want to skip, even if you’re more of the meat eating kind. Oven baked dishes usually remind us of late autumn or winter. It’s when we crave something cozy to warm our body as well as our soul. Well, this one is more suitable for […]


Stuffed tomato with buckwheat and feta

Stuffed tomatoes will probably never replace a turkey dinner on thanksgiving, or satisfy a hardcore meat lover for that matter. But this recipe put a smile on our face and fed our vegetarian friends until they were nice and plump. Try it out for yourself.

Pork rib recipe

Roasted pork ribs with sweet puree and golden potatoes

If you are the kind of person who starts drooling at just the thought of juicy pork ribs, this is undoubtedly the recipe for you. We paired the ribs with sweet puree made from cauliflower and apples to achieve a combination guaranteed to impress. ” Well, the secret to barbecue is sitting around doing nothing. […]

lamb cevapi

Čevapi – Balkan’s gift to all meat lovers

Chevap is life and if you are from the Balkans, you already know there is no picnic without čevapi (read: chevapi). If you are not, strap in, because you just stumbled upon something really great. WTF are čevapi?! Čevapi are small rolls of seasoned minced meat, typically prepared on the grill. They come in all […]

Ribeye steak with nettles and mushrooms for a tasty treat

Ribeye steak with nettles and mushrooms

There is nothing like warm, sunny weather, to gather all the meat lovers around a hot grill with some cold drinks and good company. And this pretty much perfect scenario gets even better in the magical moment, that happens when you throw on a 60 day dry aged ribeye steak. A good piece of meat […]

Steak au poivre

Pepper steak with “gaucho” fries

Pepper is without a doubt one of the most widespread spices in the world. It can be found in countless forms and colours. This time we used it as a main ingredient of our sauce “au poivre”, to accompany a big juicy steak. All peppers are not the same With ever greater culinary diversity on […]


Knives in Japanese cuisine – Njami sushi part 2

Kitchen knives have been an indispensable tool to mankind since ancient times. Yet many people, including some chefs, still know very little about these loyal cooking companions. Knives often don’t get enough attention in many home kitchens as well as some professional ones. People are either scared or held back with sharp knives, disappointed in […]